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Meet The Ring

Meet the ring is a dating application that eliminates the annoying elements that are all too common in other dating applications. Connect only with people you have already met. Eliminates the risk of fake profiles.


In this modern age we move faster and quicker every day and look for solutions to help us get there. One2note is the next step. You can send a note, voice message, photo(‘s), a document or video to your e-mail address in just two clicks.

Meet Me You

The app allows you to create invitations for your events and party. Pack the feature of selecting multiple dates, and sending invitations to People on multiple platforms, etc.

App Id Pet

A app dedicated to the pet. Control the pet’s feeding schedule, Their activities, maintain full medical records of your pet, and most important stay informed about your pet’s health

Menu Digital

Register your menu and digitalize it. Let your customer get access to Your menu just simply with scan a QR code.

Ferreteria Brenes

App to discover everything to build and remodel your home. You can accumulate, exchange and review the amount of Brennitos Available in your account.

Cabby Shack

The taxi owners have to get their cars registered under these apps to start putting them up for use. A person with a single car can also earn money by putting up his car as a taxi for the users.

On Hunt

Since the explosion of apps and technology, hunting has been trying to catch up. Technology is often not associated with the sport for two reasons. First, people use hunting as a way to escape their day to day lives, which is filled with tech. Second, age is a factor. 

Food Flash

Food delivery apps are the new favorite of the people and that is the final verdict. The ease food delivery apps offer to the people who don’t want to cook at the end of the day is what makes it more loved than any other apps out there.

Cupid Cats

We live in a world that’s constantly scrolling or swiping and that’s just the reality. There are so many reasons why dating apps have become so popular nowadays and as someone who has tried and tested almost all of them out.

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