Why the "Plan&Work" System?

Transform and optimize your workflows using Plan&Work System Software. Our platform automates manual tasks, cutting on data input time and removing the need for redundant effort.
Efficient job scheduling ensures you have the right person for the task by offering a transparent summary of employee availability and skills. It will help to prevent both over and understaffing issues.
Our automated system significantly reduces the chance of human error, preventing costly mistakes in classification, unnecessary overtime or leave payments and inaccurate time-off calculations.

Features of the Software

Work Time Tracking With Automation and Transparency

Effectively handle employee scheduling, monitor working hours, ensure compliance with labor laws, and seamlessly transfer data to any payroll system.

Employee scheduling & clock-in

Our solution offers several convenient methods for employees to monitor their work hours and track time spent on different tasks.

Mobile App for Self-Service

Our mobile self-service app empowers employees to track their performance metrics, view personal earnings, and access work schedules conveniently from anywhere, at any time.

Package of Advanced Analytics

Gain more intelligent insights and drive your decision-making processes with our comprehensive HR analytics bundle, seamlessly integrated with top-tier business intelligence solutions.

How does the System Work?

Our Story

We started as a company facing common challenges in managing our workforce, including manual scheduling, tracking time, and handling payroll. These issues not only affect our financial results but also destroy trust and productivity among our employees. We found that existing solutions were either overly complex, prohibitively expensive or failed to meet our specific needs.

To address these challenges, we developed a custom solution tailored to our company’s requirements. Our software streamlines operations, providing real-time data and insights that enhance decision-making and boost productivity. Additionally, it optimizes procedures, resulting in increased employee satisfaction.

After seeing the positive changes and favorable outcomes facilitated by our solution, we realized it could be beneficial to other companies facing similar challenges. That’s when we decided to make our software accessible to businesses of all sizes in different industries.

Our Team


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I really Enjoyed working with Devherds. The Team Did an excellent job delivering high quality products. Communication was very good. My Project was completed on time and with total satisfaction. They fully delivered on their promise. I would love to work with Devherds again.

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