On Hunt - Hunting App

Sports app for hunting adventures. App to let the users experience hunting with more security.

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Outdoor Life Magazine Editors’ Choice for Best Hunting App. Featured in multiple publications as an invaluable tool. Hunt Stand, with millions of downloads, is the #1 hunting app in all over world and is the only hunting and land management app you will ever need. 

What Do We do?


UI/UX design to improvise customer satisfaction


Backend development


Market research to attract a positive response


Property Boundaries

Offline Mapping

Area Measurement

Distance Measurement

GPS integration


I was impressed that I could raise any concerns directly with the CEO and receive prompt responses, follow-up, and action. The project team was great to deal with and it often felt like we were one collaborative team. The delivery manager and QA lead were professional, diligent, and highly competent.
Pabelo Navarrete

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