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Meet the ring is a dating application that eliminates the annoying elements that are all too common in other dating applications. Connect only with people you have already met. Eliminates the risk of fake profiles.


Though app development is a field with immense scope, it is also an area with several challenges. Just as a coin has another side and night follows every day, there is a flip side to everything. 


It is not easy to get across to all the people marked as your target segment because there is no single unit of audience.


We are the product ideation & design services providers that follow a combined UX design approach from brainstorming to design thinking.


Picking a main, valuable, and appropriate development technology for an application is the main consideration for the developers. 

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The Meet app allows you to easily connect with people you have genuinely met in real life. People you have a spark with. This app is designed to cut out all the annoying elements that are all too common with other dating apps. 



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I really Enjoyed working with Devherds. The Team Did an excellent job delivering high quality products. Communication was very good. My Project was completed on time and with total satisfaction. They fully delivered on their promise. I would love to work with Devherds again.



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