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We are a leading Custom Mobile App Development Company in South Africa known for developing world-class fully functional iOS and Android mobile applications.  Our mobile app developers have the expertise to  create mobile applications with AI technology.  Want to make your own app?

Business Industries You Can Become Part Of

With The Best Mobile App Development Company South Africa

Transportation Application

To enhance  your taxi business with apps like uber

Food & Beverages Application

To serve your customers at their doorstep with their favorite cuisine

Grocery Marketplace Application

To grow your grocery business with advance tech solution

Pick-Up & Delivery Application

Fulfill your customer’s shipping requirements with simple and easy to use app

E-Commerce & Marketplace Application

To serve your customers beyond the geographical boundaries

Healthcare Application

To ensure your user’s health practices and mental wellness to lead an active lifestyle

Blockchain Technology

To facilitate the process of recording transactions, and tracking assets in a business

Internet Of Things

System of interrelated computing devices

On-Demand Delivery Application

Become the third party to deliver the things to users

Social Networking Application

To let your users create network and let them communicate online

Banking & Finance Application

Banking & Finacial application fro financial organizations

Enterprise Mobility Application

To helps you to create a boudry less workplace

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What Makes Us Count In

The Top Mobile App Development Company In South Africa

Seamless Process

We provide a solution that is specialized to meet your demands, to serve your customers beyond the limits.

Value Of Money

We at Devherds do not compromise with quality. We offer the best services at a low cost.

Post Development Support

We offer post-development maintenance support to our customers to give them a better experience.

Less Challenging

We make the Mobile App Development process less challenging with formal consultation.

We Are Already Helping Many Entrepreneurs To Launch Their Unique Ideas

What’s Your Unique Idea?

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Devherds Mobile App Development Process

Idea Validation

Business Planning With Business Consultant


Development With The Advance Tech Suite


Deployment Of The Application In Market


To Start The Development Process Of The Application


Is Done To Assure The Quality Of The Application


After Development Support & Maintenence

Idea Validation

Business Planning With Business Consultant


With The Advance Tech Suite


Of The Application In Market


To Start The Development Process Of The Application


Is Done To Assure The Quality Of The Application


After Development Support & Maintenence

Looking For Custom Mobile App Development Company In South Africa

Transform Your Business With Our Advanced Tech Suite Of iOS And Android Application Development In South Africa

Idea Validation

We not only work on the project we also give the complete consultation for your business idea with C+ Language validation.

Get Insights that make Difference

Insights for the business idea, what will be your USP

Analyze the Market

Before moving forward in the market analyze the market to get a competitive advantage over competitors' shortcomings with the best app developers in South Africa.


Product strategy to launch it in the market.


Stimulate the niche for targeting the market of the particular demographic.


Analyze the platform to launch the application based on the target audience.


After the strategy starts the development of the application with Advanced Tech solutions developed by the best app developers in South Africa.

Robust Solution

To fulfill all the needs of your users, with the advanced features and functionality of the application.

Custom Application

To ensure the development of the industry-leading application to get ahead of the competitors.


Quality Assurance

To ensure quality-driven development of the application without bugs and better performance.

The Deployment

Launch of the application is the final stage in the development process. But to make your users aware of your application’s existence in the market do marketing. 25% of businesses fail due to negligence of the market.

Pre-Launch Marketing

The key to a good launch is to go with pre-launch marketing as soon as possible. We develop the best advertising after thoroughly inspecting & researching the target audience and rivals.

Post-Launch Marketing

Not just before launching, but also after, we support increasing the visibility of your app. With the best & most tried-and-true ASO strategies, we guarantee greater engagement to continuously drive revenue growth.

After Launch Support

We provide full support in terms of maintenance of the application once it gets deployed in the market.


Timely update of the application features helps in maintaining its reliability for the customer.

Looking For Mobile App Development Company South Africa

Transform Your Business Digitally With Advanced Tech Solutions.

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Certified app development company, acknowledged by Clutch

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


The Devherds Team is Simply Amazing. We've hired devherds because we needed help to develop a new front end for our app on our website and they've been doing an excellent job. Easy communication, regular reports, on-time delivery, and highly professional. So, I'm really impressed with their work. I hope they continue the project with the same dedication and we will work together for a long time.

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I really Enjoyed working with Devherds. The Team Did an excellent job delivering high quality products. Communication was very good. My Project was completed on time and with total satisfaction. They fully delivered on their promise. I would love to work with Devherds again.

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Pablo Navarrete

I would like to thanks Devherds Team. They always wanted to serve their best Quality work and succeeded. They understand the Requirements of their clients and building the apps. I really enjoyed working with them and I hope we can work again together.

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Pabelo Navarrete

Founder & CTO (Ctofullstack partnership)

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Hi, My name is Christian Casper, I am the President and CEO of We are a Business to Business Software Service Company that Deploys Mobile Applications for Businesses Utilizing Squares point of Sales. Customers can easily sign up sink their point of sale customize and Deploy their own mobile apps in a matter of hours, with our platform. We Hired a team of Devherds to develop our mobile frontend Interface and they have done a fantastic job. I clearly recommend them more.

Christian Casper

Christian Casper

President & CEO (

Frequently Asked Questions

A development team will produce a specifically designed mobile application for businesses, startups, or other organizations through the process of Custom Mobile App Development.

Businesses with a mobile application in mind can pick from the following options:

Out-of-the-box solutions are generic and have few customization choices.

Custom mobile apps are produced to order and are made to meet the specific needs of your company.

Off-the-shelf solutions are rarely chosen by businesses that want to make a name for themselves in the mobile market and engage their clients in novel ways. Why do they spend money on developing Custom Mobile Apps? Here are a few commendable causes:

  1. Full Customization
  2. Competitive Advantage
  3. Personalized User Experience
  4. Greater Productivity
  5. Greater ROI

The cost of developing a Custom Mobile Application is a complicated issue because the total cost of a mobile application depends on a variety of elements, such as:

  • The variety and depth of features,
  • The process used to create your app,
  • The development team’s location concerning platforms where your application will be accessible,
  • Cost of app maintenance set up by the development team.

 The first app demo will be delivered to you within seven days of the project’s start.

Yes, whenever a client requests, we will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). We can either do it right away before we even start talking in-depth about your particular project or at a later date. You are entirely in charge.

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